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Office of the Chief Risk Officer (OCRO) Organization

Office of the Chief Risk Officer

Aditya Misra: Vice President and Chief Risk Officer - OCRO (Reporting to ARCC and EVP-CFO)

  • Jackie Wandell: Executive Assistant

University Audit Office:

Mark Perry: Chief Audit Executive

  • Allen Canady: Manager, Investigations

Steven Chadwick: Director, Audit

  • Robert Beveridge: Manager, Audit

  • Jilene Demont: Manager, Audit

    • Jingbi Zhao: Senior Auditor

  • Jason Hoo-Fatt: Manager, Audit

    • Robert DiPalma: Senior Auditor

    • Shilpika Dhakal: Senior Auditor

  • Timur Uckun: Director, IT Audit

    • Geoffrey Yearwood: Manager, IT Audit

    • Vrunda Gandhi: Manager, IT Audit

    • Curtis Josey: Manager, Data Analytics

University Compliance Office:

  • Alexis Brubaker: Director, Compliance & Privacy

    • Lindsay LaLonde: Executive Assistant
    • Ed Evans: Compliance Manager
  • Ted Murray: Director, Operations
    • Lorrie Chase: Compliance IT Specialist, Operations